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Hours of Operation

Monday - 10am – 7pm
Tuesday - 10am – 7pm
Wednesday - 10am – 5pm
Thursday - 10am – 7pm
Friday - 10am – 5pm
Saturday - 10am – 2pm
Sunday - Closed

About us

At Keele Physio, we stand as a beacon of health and wellness, committed to providing top-notch physiotherapy services tailored to your unique needs. Our mission is clear: empowering individuals on their journey to optimal health through a holistic approach that addresses symptoms and root causes. With a team devoted to both expertise and empathy, we are here to guide you through every step of your wellness evolution.

At the heart of our philosophy is a belief in the power of a holistic approach to physiotherapy. We understand that true well-being goes beyond the alleviation of symptoms. Our dedicated team is committed to treating injuries and enhancing overall health. Whether on the path to recovery from an injury, navigating a chronic condition, or striving for peak performance, Keele Physio is your partner in comprehensive care.

Utilizing our expertise and skills, we are committed to fostering efficient and swift healing for our patient’s injuries, all while ensuring the sustained well-being of their overall fitness. Embracing a holistic approach to recovery from injury or illness, our qualified physiotherapists specialize in addressing sports injuries and delivering targeted musculoskeletal physiotherapy to alleviate muscular strains.

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